Rebecca Lennon, The Knot Commons, 2021. 8'14".

Rebecca Lennon: Liquid i (2020). 6'38"

Rebecca Lennon

LIQUID i the Knot Commons

15 October – 19 November 2021

MattFlix presents Rebecca Lennon's THE KNOT COMMONS (2021).

THE KNOT COMMONS is the second element in an ongoing body of work, LIQUID i the Knot Commons. This three-channel video work is screening online at MattFlix following Lennon’s exhibition of the same name at Dilston Gallery, Southwark Park, 15-31 October 2021. Its prequel, Liquid i (2020), is available to watch below.

The work deals with urgent themes around finance, housing, the body, the voice and the porous nature of selfhood, combining complex and poetic themes arranged linguistically, sonically and visually in an immersive audio-visual assemblage. Characters are decked out in uniform black velour. Percussive vocal sounds, tics and hums build up spatial rhythms like an incantation. Entanglements of bodies unravel; public and private, human and nonhuman. An aerialist loops in air, mosquitoes spit blood in rhythms, mouths speak multiple voices, while others spit water like fountains.

Three-channel HD video
Duration: 08:15, looped