Charlie Osborne, Twinkled ‘n’ Twitched, 2021. 09'52".

Charlie Osborne

Twinkled ‘n’ Twitched

16 – 17 September 2021

MattFlix presents Charlie Osborne's Twinkled ‘n’ Twitched (2021), the fourth and final instalment in Not long but very good.

Not long but very good is a programme of four short artist films, each screened for 24 hours. The artists participating are all 2021 graduates from London art schools. Osborne graduated with an BA in Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL.

Twinkled ’n’ Twitched follows loved-up teenagers caught in an in-between space as they hide from the police. A limbo where the everyday and magical clash and merge dancing together in protective circles formed out of glowing energy drinks to a score of heavy jungle. They defy the growing sense of foreboding they feel by finding kindred spirits in each other.

Duration: 09:52

Written and directed by Charlie Osborne

Director of photography Jack Cullis

Production ForLuck LTD

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