Suzanne Treister

TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS: New Cosmological Models for Survival

19 February – 19 March 2021

MattFlix presents Suzanne Treister’s TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS: New Cosmological Models for Survival (2020-2021).

Take a trip through Suzanne Treister's online presentation of TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS: New Cosmological Models for Survival (2020 - 2021), a digital platform hosted by MattFlix for one month. From crystalline architectures to prismatic apparel, TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS gathers film, audio, diagrams and works on paper to build a speculative atlas of alternative existence.

TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS presents microcosmic non-colonialist plans towards a techno-spiritual imaginary of alternative visions of survival on earth and inhabitation of the cosmos.

TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS encourages the unification of art, spirituality, science and technology through hypnotic visions of our potential communal futures alongside those of possible extraterrestrial entities or civilisations.

Countering invasive agendas of governments and the private space industry, TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS proposes a political metamorphosis and transmutation of human consciousness towards a new Earthly and interplanetary paradigm.

TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS consists of multiple components under the categories, Project Diagrams, Earth Eco Systems and Architectures, Reinvented Technologies, Interplanetary Social Structures, Designs for Spacecraft, Apparel, Interplanetary Space Habitations, Interplanetary Meditation and Biospheres Islands, Crystal Architectures, Vultures, Rituals, Stars and Visions.

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TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS: New Cosmological Models for Survival includes 185 works on paper, 12 clay works and 2 video works created 2020 - 2021

All works courtesy the artist, Annely Juda Fine Art, London and P.P.O.W. Gallery New York.

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